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So thought id try out my very first blog - bare with me this could go anywhere! ive done a lot of reading on blog writing so i know i need to tell you all about me, i need to add # hashtags, pictures and gifs - though to be honest we might just start with a picture

so heres me


picture taken in 2011 lol but its one the very few that i like so here it is - and yes im doing what i like best - socialising and drinking wine #cheers

I particularly like this picture as i was in good health training with a personal trainer, and had lost 4 stone! So yeah i deserved that wine, plus im like 10 years younger and im without bags under my eyes

Anyway im now just a year ish over fifty and very happily married to my best friend Mark.

Between us we have 6 children though i only birthed 2 of them and we have two dogs, Dolly and Doris - sisters who are of no known breed #whatareyou, who we got from a rescue centre, and they fill our lives whilst we impatiently wait for grandchildren.

The Eleventh Hour Gift Shop is our baby, so i hope you will watch it grow and play an active part in helping us to build it so we can offer more and more fabulous gifts and help you send lovely things to all your friends and family


oh look i did a gif - whoop now i just need some more hashtags so here goes nothing #

#shoponline #giftsforall #blog #firsttime #hello #firsttime

there we go - not sure what happens next but hey i gave it a go

so if you ever feel like you cant do something or your unsure just Give it a go - You'll never know what might happen unless you try :-)

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