Isolation Woes

well what a week, following a Positive Covid Result of a family member staying with us we found ourselves isolated for 10 days! At first you think ooo yes a few days at home, then remember i work from home and what it actually means i cant go into work on the days the shop is open - so panic one - find someone to cover shop - panic two - no one can cover i will have to shut - panic three how is this going to affect my monthly sales - then i breathe, because its all out of my control so no point worrying!

Anyway the biggest panic came when our weekly 'Hello Fresh' food parcel failed to arrive - oh my we have an empty fridge and our meals are now not being delivered and we cant go out!! helpppppp

Thank fully we have great friends and family who stepped in with food and wine parcels (thank goodness) and one of my lovely customers ran the shop on Saturday for me whoop so you see was there any point to any of that stress - i think not!

So isolation is done, and i REALLY need to get my nails done - priorities - but im waiting for a delivery which im hoping will arrive sooner rather than later. so for now have a great week and i will attempt some self care now i can leave the house xx

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