Road Trip

So after a bizarre few years, i have a new look on life, like many others i suspect, and one thing i have changed is to take life as it is and go for it! and thats exactly what we did on Sunday......

after a lazy morning in bed drinking coffee, catching up on episodes of 'below deck' and randomly perusing instagram,i noticed that the Top Drawer Gift Fair was on at the Olympia Stadium in London ...... having never been and not wanting to miss out on anything i casually mentioned to Mark that i NEEDED to go and could we go, he agreed not realising i meant like now ........ however half an hour later we were packed, hotel was booked and son was on his way

home to mind our dogs

four hours later we arrive in London - and i loved it!!

i think the moral of this blog is, after a year of covid alongside Marks Leukemia diagnosis, ive come to realise that in life nothing is promised, nothing is certain, and so much is out of our hands, and so for now as we tiptoe through remission and the after effects of the trauma and heartbreak,the uncertainty and the love i now take nothing for granted and live everyday, act on impulse, if its meant to be it will be and most of all enjoy life - adventure - love and happiness xxx

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