Sunny Days

wow what a lovely couple of days we have had! Dosent the sun make you feel happy - we spent yesterday in the garden - mowing the lawn and adding decoration to our new Gazebo and today im outside actually working in the gazebo - makes a welcome change from the office walls - i do have to say, it looks much better now it has furniture lights and curtains!

tanyway its just lovely to be outside and im really lucky that i can work from home and enjoy he outdoors at the same time.

in other news we have joined a health club! so we have been gym and swim for two days now so watch this space as we start our get fit journey (though having a wine as a reward when i get home may slow down my progress somewhat

And finally before i go and start my emails, we had a really busy day in the shop on Saturday - with people starting to get presents for Fathers Day - and the new stock id bought in preperation is somewhat depleted lol, but thats ok - so check our our gifts for men and look out for new stock - Fathers Day June 20th - and as i like to end on a quote heres one that made me giggle

"me & my dad used to play tag. He'd drive" - reminded me of my teenage days #rebel # introubleagain #dadcoughtus # whoops

have a great day


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